Could You Be Psychic?

Do you believe in intuition? It's something that we all posses.


You've probably experienced this in your own life. Have you ever walked down the street and bumped into someone and had a feeling that you know everything about them, even though you've never met before? Maybe you've heard your phone ring and you knew exactly who's calling, even though you haven't looked at the phone. This is just the start of what your intuition can achieve!

So is it possible for you to focus and use your own intuition to achieve the impossible.


Below is my test to show the power of your intuition.

Do Not Scroll Past This Point Until I Say

(This will not work otherwise)


Don't think of anything yet, but shortly I'll need you to think of two different shapes, one inside the other.

Imagine that you are at primary school. Focus your attention towards your school book. Imagine holding a pencil and looking down at a blank page in your school book.

Now imagine drawing those two shapes, one inside the other.

Give both shapes different colours.

Only Scroll Past When I Say

When I do this, I tend to think of Red.


Now take a look at whats below.

Are you close and on the same wavelength as me?

Now I would like you to think of a 3 digit number.

I don’t want you leaving thinking that I put you under pressure so you thought of a more common number like 689 etc. Equally I don’t want you thinking that maybe I knew that, so I knew you’d think of a less common number.

You are going to make this random and fair.

At this point you need to trust yourself. You need to let your own intuition guide you. Ignore every distraction around you.

You will do this digit by digit. Focus on your number and imagine the first digit changing. Are you happy with this new number? If not then keep changing it until you are happy. What number is now in your mind. Remember this.

Now imagine the second digit changing. Focus on whether this is odd or even. Focus on whether this is high or low. Name the number that jumps into your mind now. 

With this last number I would like you to let fate guide you. Ask anyone around you to tell you what the third digit will be.

You should now have a random 3 digit number in mind.


Only Scroll Past When I Say

How well did you do?

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